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Update, Refresh & Repair. If your house is lacking modern updates you are going to need to put some money into the house to get top dollar.

Pre-Listing Inspections. A pre-listing inspection will reveal any minor or major issues before the house hits the market. When a buyer finds undisclosed major deficiencies they start to get a little uneasy. A general home inspection is recommended. All major components should be serviced before a buyer sees the house. Expect to spend around $250-$550. 


Marketing & Sales Fee to Listing Broker. This fee is a percentage of the final sales price. It is typically split 50/50 between the Listing Agent and the Selling Agent. Our residential exclusive listing agreement is typically a 6-month agreement. (This gives me the ability to sell your property 2-3 times if need be. Not all purchase contracts make it to the finish line.) My fee will range from 3% - 6%.

County Property Tax Proration. The seller is responsible for taxes from January 1st of the current year until the day of closing. The amount is calculated using the previous year tax bill.

Transfer Tax on Deed. This fee is a sales tax on your deed. The fee is determined using the final sales price and a multiplier of .007. So if your house sells for $250,000, your deed sales tax will be $1,750.

Home Warranty. [Optional] In an older house we usually recommend that the seller offer a home warranty with the sale of the house. This gives buyer more peace of mind. Decent home warranty plans typically start around $400.

Seller Credits. Most instances of seller credits are for repairs that are found during a buyer’s inspection. (A seller may not be obligated to make any repairs depending on the type of purchase agreement used.)

Miscellaneous Fees. Wire, courier and mobile services, are other common fee's associated with the transaction.  $25 - $300

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*Seller’s Guide below.



Not all homes are equal. Compare "apples-to-apples"  -  get a CMA* created by your neighborhood expert.

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Information about your home will allow us to identify most qualifying comparable sales in the area and provide you a more accurate price.

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We get the "inside scoop" on properties in escrow to see if they could possibly influence your pricing strategy.

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